Monday, September 13, 2010

College Life!

So, it has finally happened.

I checked my facebook this morning to see what my son had posted. I certainly was not ready for what I saw. In essence it said he will have a massive hangover this morning and he is glad he only has one class today. OY! Keep in mind that he is 22 and I do believe that this is his first time, that I know of anyway. I have mixed emotions about this. One one hand, YAY! he is enjoying college life! And on the other, OMG, I hope it doesn't mess with his medicines and he has a seizure and chokes on his vomit.

You see, my oldest son has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. It pretty much kills me that he is 45 minutes away, and I can't be there in an instant. I hope his roommate will keep an eye on him. What is next sex? Reminder to self, get come condoms for him to take back when he comes home this weekend. Also, remind him, that if he is buying the beer, or whatever, the consequences for supplying to minors, and that he could get kicked out of the dorm. I can hear it now, "I know mom, I know mom".

This stuff, I would really expect from my 16 year old, because we have already been down that road with him. Little fucker!

So, for now, I sit tight and wait until he posts something again, and then I will know he is fine. I know I could call him, but then he would be all pissy with me.

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